I am a web developer and co-founder of Whoz.com. I am also very active in the Asana ecosystem: author of 2 books, trainer, certified consultant, and developer of several tools. You can email me at siebmanb@gmail.com.

My resume is available on LinkedIn.


Heroes on demand

Virtual assistants inside Asana+ infos
Heroes on demand is the best service to find virtual assistant to work inside your Asana.

Asana Experts

The most complete and up-to-date Asana’s experts directory.+ infos
Our experts list will help you find a consultant, a developer, a coach…

Asana micro incubator

Asana projects incubator.+ infos
The incubator is described in the launch post.

three-dots CMS

The first Content Management System based on Asana.see more
three-dots CMS allows you to generate always up-to-date web pages based on Asana projects.


Online platform to download pre-built projects for Asanasee more

The platform Templana allows Asana users (a tool to manage projects) to download in their personal workspace pre-built projects. The platform is a real success since its launch in january 2014, with a total of more than a hundred pre-built projects for more than 30 0000 page views and 20 000 downloads. I receive precious help and advices from Quentin Fouré (design) and Bastien Libersa (devops).

What I learned : companies like Asana are really accessible and love this kind of initiatives.


Web agency specialized in mobile and charitysee more

The ButterflyEffect agency was specialized in the development of websites and mobile apps, especially for the charity sector. The three co-founders, Bastien Libersa, Quentin Fouré and myself developed more than 30 mobile apps and 30 websites for 40 clients in France, Belgium and Switzerland. The agency was acquired in december 2014 by Citizen Republic.

What I learned: even if a startup idea does not reach success, the confrontation with the market (which should be as soon as possible) helps you pivot towards a real demanded product.
A lot of articles (in french) about the agency on the ButterflyEffect blog


Side-project for Asana allowing users to download contacts linking to Asana projectssee more

Mailana is a side-project for Asana, allowing you to download contacts acting as « shortcuts » to Asana projects, allowing you to send emails to these contacts and create tasks on the fly. The platform had more than 15 000 page views since the launch in january 2014. I receive precious help and advices from Quentin Fouré (design) and Bastien Libersa (devops).

What I learned: a service built in a few hours can turn out to be really useful for a lot of people.


Platform to download coaching programs for Asanasee more

Coaching-Programs was a Templana spin-off dedicated to coaching programs.

What I learned: you don’t just need to launch a product to get clients right away! The product never reached the success expected, and this spin-off has been migrated to the main Templana platform where it belongs.


News feed about Asana and its ecosystemmore info

Asanews was a news feed based on a Twitter feed and a blog, with news about Asana and its ecosystem, especially our own projects.

What I learned: building a Twitter and blog audience is not so easy, all the more so I did not succeed at bringing together the other actors of the ecosystem.

Trello Boards

Curation site of Trello public projectsmore info
Trello Boards was a curation site for public Trello boards, with a Product Hunt like interface. The site was built and online in a few hours. I then reached out to Trello and they loved the idea. However they were working on exactly the same idea (my market analysis was right :p), with a launch schedule in a few weeks. Needless to say they were not willing to help. Not being a member of the Trello community, I struggled to get the website known.

The FOCUS notebook

Notebook dedicated to entrepreneurial adventuresmore info

I tried to put the paper back at the center of the entrepreneurial adventure by creating a notebook inspired by « Moleskine » which content was tailored to any startup daily struggle. After three prototypes and the feedback of many entrepreneurs, I did not know where to go next. The project is in stand-by since then.

What I learned: send an actual prototype to get feedbacks works!

Je n’ai jamais (Never Have I Ever)

co-founderstep aside
Entertaining website based on the Never Have I Ever gamemore info

Je n’ai jamais was an entertaining site around the famous game Never Have I Ever, co-created with Alexandre Aminot. He later took over the whole project to turn it into a mobile application, which became a huge success (+100k downloads).

What I learned: it is hard to work on a project when you are not a user yourself.



Web portal aimed to help future student of the Ensimag (my engineering school)see more

Extra-curricular project during my degree at Ensimag, which goal was to help the integration of students coming from the same background as me. 40 000 visitors, 260 000 page views, 8 000 messages exchanged on the forum before I stepped aside.

What I learned: the important part of any project is to address a personal struggle.

Fight Bullet Points

Web portal about our fight against bullet points in Powerpoint presentationssee more

Fight Bullet Points was a website about the idea that Powerpoint presentations usually suck because they are built around bullet point lists. Co-created with Alexandre Aminot, discontinued after a while because of a lack of market response.

What I learned: it is really important to plan a project and decide on goals to reach.

Bonjour Le Mot (Hello New Word)

Blog with a daily post about a new word to discover, whether it is funny, surprising or unknownsee more

Blog created with Bastien Libersa and Quentin Fouré.

What I learned: it is naive to think that visitors will come by themselves, you should never underestimate the necessary marketing to get the word out.



creatoravailable on GitHub
Tool to help counting the length of algae chains on a microscope picturesee more
Created for my wife thesis, this tool helps counting the length of algae chains photographed under a microscope. The counting initially took place by hand, and this tool cut the time spent by four.


creatoravailable on the storesavailable on GitHub
iOS-Android app to take notessee more

Available on the AppStore and GitHub.

What I learned: it is not enough to publish an app on the stores to get users.


creatoravailable on GitHub
iOS-Android app to detect the Internet connection coming backsee more
Polonium is a sneaky radioactive element that kills you really slowly and painfully. You get the same feeling when Internet is unreachable and you are waiting for it to come back! Polonium will poll your network connection and send you a push notification when Internet is back and you can browse the world wide web again. The code of the app is available on GitHub.

jQuery infinite mobile dual side carousel

creatoravailable on GitHub
jQuery library to create a multi-dimensional carousel on mobilesee more
This little piece code has been developed at a time I needed such a carousel.
The code is available on GitHub.


vivre minimaliste

authoron sale
A ebook in French about minimalism in the everyday life+ infos
This ebook will help become a minimalist in your every day life. Available for sale online.

Become an Asana superhero (cape not included)

authoron sale
eBook focusing on the use of Asana for personal use+ infos
This ebook will help you become the Asana superhero you always dreamed to become. Available for sale online.

Do Better With Asana – Second Edition

Your Guide To Doing Great Things With Asana + infos
The first edition was written by Mike Vardy and Jeremy Roberts from whom I took over to write the second edition, based on the brand new Asana. The book is available for orders.

Applications mobiles avec Cordova et PhoneGap (Mobile apps with Cordova and PhoneGap)

co-authorin bookstores
Book about development of mobile apps using Cordovasee more
This book was co-written with Sébastien Pittion. It is available online and in bookstores in France. We sold more than a thousand copies.

Translating Cordova documentation

I took part in the translation of the Cordova documentation in french

101 questions sur Twitter (1001 questions about Twitter)

participantin bookstores
I wrote a chapter in this book about the way to use social media when you run a non-profitsee more

Le Cadavre Exquis des entrepreneurs

Collaborative writing of a novel about entrepreneurshipsee more

This novel was written chapter after chapter by entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship. This project was created with Jérémie Juraver.

What I learned: it is hard to get people to spend time on something!

Author on Medium, La Ruche & radio host

Discover my various blog post and radio speechsee more